8 Reasons To Love Marathons

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1. Accessibility
The best thing about training for a marathon is that you can engage in it anywhere and at negligible cost. You don’t need specialized equipment. Hence, there are no renting fees or expensive purchases associated with it. Nor do you need to do it at a gym or a special location. You can run anywhere, and you can do so whenever it is convenient for you.

2. Provides a Goal to Work Towards
Because they are working towards a definite goal, those training for the marathon are often motivated to maintain a regular training schedule. Thus, they are more likely to attain their desired fitness level.

3. Cardiovascular System Strengthener
Training for the marathon is a good way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and keep it healthy. Good circulation is essential for good overall health.

4. Blood Pressure Stabilization
Training for the marathon is also a great way to lower and stabilize your blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure can cause organ damage and strokes in the long term. So if it is possible to avoid these eventualities by maintaining an active lifestyle, then that is ideal.

5. Endorphin Release
Engaging in sustained, strenuous exercise such as training for the marathon or running the race triggers the body to release endorphins, chemicals that have the effect of reducing pain and anxiety and provoking exhilaration and happiness.  Many runners persist in training because they know they will be rewarded with this “runner’s high.” They know that running will  help relieve whatever tensions life and work force onto them.

6. Encouragement of Positive Lifestyle Changes
Those in training for a marathon often find that smoking is a hindrance they would rather do without. In order to run, they need to be able to absorb as much oxygen as possible from the air they breathe in. Smoking constricts their airways, lowers the amount of oxygen that they absorb, and consequently reduces the oxygen supply to the muscles. This affects their endurance, leading to sub-optimal performances. Marathon training also tends to encourage dietary improvements. Those who previously ate unhealthy meals are motivated to prepare healthier meals to meet the needs of their active bodies.

7. Overcoming a Challenge
Many people live for challenges. Thus, running a marathon fulfills their desire to overcome a challenge and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. Even for those who do not typically seek out challenges, running a marathon is a great accomplishment. In both cases, working towards a goal and achieving it helps to build self-confidence.

8. Fundraising
The point of running a marathon is often to raise money in support of a cause. Whatever the cause happens to be, it gives the runner the opportunity to focus on others’ needs.
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